OpticGard Announces Stylistish Printed Lens Covers for Holosun and Trijicon Scope Covers

american flag opticgard lense cover

We are excited to present our new range of printed lens covers, the perfect accessory to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your Holosun 508TC cover and Trijicon SRO scope cover. The primary advantage of these lens covers extends beyond mere aesthetics. The detachable design means there's no need to remove the whole scope cover when shooting, adding convenience and aiding in target focus training.

Moving away from the standard plain black cover that typically accompanies the scope, these printed lens covers are available in a selection of standout designs such as the American flag, camo, skull, and carbon fiber. Each design adds a personalized touch to your protective scope cover, allowing your firearm to be an extension of your individual style.

The convenience offered by these detachable lens covers doesn't stop at their removable nature. They also provide a unique training aid, assisting with target focus when the cover is in place. This combination of style and functionality exemplifies the innovative approach OpticGard takes when designing firearm accessories.

We invite all gun owners to explore these new printed lens covers. Experience the unique blend of style, convenience, and training support these designs offer, as they transform your red dot and scope covers into true reflections of your individual style and shooting needs.

For more information on our new printed lens covers for Holosun and Trijicon scope covers, please visit our lens collection.

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