Installation Process

Step by step installation guide

WARNING: Before installing always make sure your firearm is unloaded and your muzzle is pointed towards a safe direction.

Option 1: (Optic Cover Only)

Step 1: Insert Optic Cover

Step 2: Snap interlock pins into the drain hole


Option 2: (Optic Cover + Lens Cover)

Step 1: Point your muzzle upwards and put the cover lens on top

Step 2: Insert optic cover while holding the lens in place

Step 3: Snap interlock pins into drain hole



INFO: Even thought these videos are titled for specific models you can use the same steps for all the other red dot scope covers.

Installation video for Trijicon SRO

Link to youtube:


Installation video for Vortex Venom

 Link to youtube:


Installation for Holosun 507c/407c

Link to youtube:


Installation for Holosun EPS

 Link to youtube: