OpticGard Unveils Exciting New Colorways for Holosun and Trijicon Scope Covers

Color options of OpticGard Scope Cover for Vortex, Holosun and Trijicon

We're thrilled to announce the launch of new color options for our esteemed OpticGard Scope Cover, compatible with Holosun 407C, 507C-X2, and 508T models, as well as the Trijicon SRO and RMR. The expanded palette, offering shades like gunmetal gray, passion red, white, OD green, and FDE, allows modern gun owners to inject personal style into their equipment while maintaining superior protection for their scopes. The OpticGard Holosun Scope Cover and Trijicon Scope Cover, widely recognized for their top-tier protective qualities, now cater to the aesthetic sensibilities of the contemporary gun owner. Our protective covers ensure the safety of your red dot and scope from harsh external elements while adding a dash of color to reflect your personality. Our new colorways embody the fusion of functionality and style that modern gun owners seek. They serve to augment the visual appeal of our Holosun 407C Cover and other protective covers, making each handgun truly reflective of its owner's unique taste. We invite gun owners to experience the blend of aesthetic appeal and practical protection provided by our new Holosun Protective Cover and Trijicon Scope Cover color options. Embrace the amalgamation of style, safety, and individuality that our new colorways offer. To learn more about the OpticGard Scope Cover's new color options for Holosun and Trijicon models, please visit the product page.

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