OpticGard Expands Its Offering to Include Holosun EPS and Vortex Venom Specific Covers

Holosun EPS opticcover
OpticGard Scope Cover for Vortex® Venom

We are thrilled to announce the expansion of our range to include new scope covers specifically designed for the Holosun EPS and Vortex Venom models. These additions represent a broadening of our portfolio to cater to a wider spectrum of needs within the firearm owner community.

Just like our well-recognized Holosun 407C and Trijicon SRO cover, these new offerings provide a robust layer of protection for your valuable red dot scope. Whether for Holosun EPS, Vortex Venom, or any other model in our lineup, OpticGard's protective covers ensure that your firearm's optics are shielded from harsh elements while adding a touch of personal flair.

As a testament to our dedication to meeting the diverse needs of our customers, we are also in the process of developing covers for additional models. This commitment underscores our vision of creating high-quality, style-forward firearm accessories that reflect the individual tastes and requirements of modern gun owners.

We invite all gun owners, whether they are Holosun EPS or Vortex Venom users, to explore these new additions. Discover the seamless blend of style, safety, and convenience that our new scope covers offer, making your firearm an extension of your individual style and shooting needs.

Visite Holosun EPS and Vortex Venom product page to learn more. 

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